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Stainless Steel 2PC Threaded End Vertical Check Valve

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-Threaded End Vertical Check Valve is kind of device used to prevent backflow of medium in the pipelines.
-Material: CF8M(SS316)/CF8(SS304)
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  • RST

Stainless Steel 2PC Threaded End Vertical Check Valve

Stainless Steel 2PC Threaded End Vertical Check Valve is a kind of  check valves that keep one-way flow of mediem in the pipeline and are mounted to the easy installations with threaded connections. Being made of stainless steel material ensures high corrosion resistance. When the medium force coming, the product overcomes the spring force, the disc opens and the medium passes through. When the force falls below the spring force, the disc closes.

stainless steel vertical check valve1


                   -Full port (1/4"-4")

                  -2PC Type

                  -Metal Seated  ( Soft seat available)

                  -Investement Casting

                  -Thread end: ASME B1.20.1(NPT)

                                      DIN259/DIN2999, BS21

                                      ISO288-1, ISO7-1

Material List

No. Parts Material
1 Body CF8M CF8 WCB
2 Disc 316 304 304
3 Spring 316 304 304
4 Gasket PTFE
5 Bonnet CF8M CF8 WCB

Vertical Check Valve Structure



QC engineer regular inspection during the whole processing. The quality can be traced for every process.




Package &Delivery

Every item gets a standard packing quantity in a neutral packing.  Customized personal specific printing packing is available.


The stainless steel 2PC threaded end vertical check valve is designed to ensure easy installation with its threaded connections. Made of high-quality stainless steel material, it offers excellent corrosion resistance. When medium force is applied, the valve overcomes the spring force, allowing the disc to open and the medium to pass through. Once the force falls below the spring force, the disc closes, preventing any backflow. This valve features a full port size ranging from 1/4" to 4", making it suitable for various applications. It is a 2PC type valve with the option of a metal or soft seat. The valve is manufactured using investment casting and complies with ASME B1.20.1(NPT), DIN259/DIN2999, BS21, ISO288-1, and ISO7-1 standards. Each component of the valve, including the body, disc, spring, gasket, and bonnet, is made of either CF8M, CF8, or WCB material. To ensure quality, the valve undergoes regular inspections by QC engineers throughout the entire manufacturing process. These inspections include PMI tests, pressure tests, and dimension tests. The valve is packaged in a standard quantity with neutral packing, but personalized printing packing options are also available.

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