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API 300LB Stainless Steel Flange Ball Valve With ISO5211 Mounting Pad

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--API 300LB Stainless Steel Flange Ball Valve is designed to  meed the high pressure requirements of industrial applications.
--Material: CF8M(SS316)/CF8 (SS304)/ WCB, etc
  • Q41F/Q341F/Q347F

  • RST

API 300LB Stainless Steel Flange Ball Valve With ISO5211 Mounting Pad

API 300LB Stainless Steel Flange Ball Valve is a kind of valve designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial applications. With its durable stainless steel construction and flange connection, this valve offers superior strength and reliability. It is specifically designed to withstand high pressures and temperatures, making it ideal for use in oil and gas, chemical, and petrochemical industries. The flange connection ensures easy installation and maintenance, while the ball valve design allows for precise control of flow. Whether it's for isolating or regulating fluid flow, this API 300LB Stainless Steel Flange Ball Valve is a reliable choice that guarantees efficient and safe operations.

300LB stainless steel flange ball valve1


                                --Full Port  1/2"-24" (DN15-DN600)

                          --Pressure: 300LB/150LB/600LB

                          --Temperature: -20-180°C

                          --Blow-out proof Stem

                          --Fire Safe

                          --Anti-static Device(option)

                          --ISO5211 Direct mounting pad

                          --Operation: Manual/ Electric/ Pneumatic


Parts Material
Body/Cap WCB SS304 SS316
304/316 304 316
Stem 304/316 304 316

300LB flange ball valve structure

300LB stainless steel flange ball valve

 Technical Specification

              1. Design and manufacture to API 608;

              2. Face-to-face to ASME B16.10;

              3. Ends Connection refer to ASME B16.5;

              4..Inspection and test to API 598.


    --Pressure Test

    --PMI Test

    --Dimension Test

    --Visual Check

It is a must to do the inspection for every valve before shipment.

flange ball valve testing

API 300LB Flange Ball Valve is a versatile and reliable choice for various industries such as oil and gas, chemical, and petrochemical. With its flange connection, installation and maintenance become effortless. The ball valve design ensures precise control of flow, making it suitable for isolating or regulating fluid flow. This valve guarantees efficient and safe operations, making it a trusted option. Its features include a full port size range of 1/2"-24" (DN15-DN600), pressure options of 300LB/150LB/600LB, and a temperature range of -20-180°C. The valve also boasts a blow-out proof stem, fire-safe construction, an anti-static device (optional), and an ISO5211 direct mounting pad. It can be operated manually, electrically, or pneumatically. The materials used for its construction include WCB, SS304, and SS316 for the body/cap, 304/316 for the ball, and 304/316 for the stem. The seat is made of PTFE/RPTFE/PPL, among other options. This valve adheres to various technical specifications, such as design and manufacture to API 608, face-to-face dimensions to ASME B16.10, ends connection to ASME B16.5, and inspection and testing to API 598. Inspection procedures include pressure testing, PMI testing, dimension testing, and visual checks. It is crucial to perform thorough inspections before shipment to ensure the valve's quality. The API 300LB Flange Ball Valve is a reliable and efficient solution for fluid control needs in diverse industries.

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