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Stainless Steel Wafer Type Ball Valve with ISO5211 High Mounting Pad

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  • Stainless Steel/Carbon Steel ensures efficient flow control while occupying minimal space. With its compact design and reliable operation, it meets all your control requirements seamlessly.
  • Wafer type ball valve: CF8M/CF8/WCB
  • Q71F

  • RST

Stainless Steel Wafer Type Ball Valve with ISO5211 High Mounting Pad

      Presenting our excellent Wafer Type Ball Valve, intended to control the medium in the pipeline framework effectively. With its minimized plan, this valve guarantees ideal execution and dependability. Made with accuracy, our Wafe Ball Valve ensures consistent command over the progression of fluids or gases inside your pipeline.

stainless steel wafer type ball valve with ISO5211 high mounting pad


                        --Full Port, 1/2"-8"(DN15-DN200)

                        --Pressure: PN16/PN40/150LB

                        --Wafer type

                        --Blow-out Proof Stem

                        --Anti-static device optional

                        --ISO5211 Mouting Pad

                        --Operation: Manual/ Penumatic/Electric

stainless steel wafer type ball valve1

Material list

2 BALL 316 304 304/316
3 STEM 316 304 304/316

valve machining

High Precision Machining

- Crafted with exceptional precision, our wafer ball valve guarantees smooth operation and accurate flow control. 

- The high precision machining of our wafer ball valve ensures minimal leakage and maximum efficiency.



Application Industrial Feilds

Stainless Steel Wafer Type Ball Valve are widely used in various industrial fields, including but not limited to the following aspects:

--Chemical industry: Wafer type ball valves are suitable for controlling liquids and gases in various chemical processes, such as acid-base liquids, organic solvents, etc.

--Oil and natural gas industry: Wafer type ball valves can be used for control and regulation of oil and natural gas transmission pipelines, such as oil wells and natural gas pipelines.

--Water treatment industry: Wafer type ball valves are suitable for fluid control in water treatment equipment, such as water supply and drainage systems, sewage treatment, etc.

--Power industry: Wafer type ball valves can be used for fluid control in thermal pipelines, cooling water systems, and other industries in the power industry.

In short, Wafer type ball valve is a valve with simple structure, convenient operation, and good sealing performance, suitable for fluid control in various industrial fields. Whether in industries such as chemical, petroleum, natural gas, or water treatment, ball valves can provide reliable fluid control solutions.

RST Valve Group Co., Ltd is located in Wenzhou with more than 20 years of experience in producing different kinds of industrial valves.

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