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JIS 10K Stainless Steel Flanged Gate Valve

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  • JIS 10K Stainless Steel Flanged Gate Valve: Trustworthy and durable valve for controlling fluid flow in industrial application scenarios. With a 10K pressure rating, it ensures efficient performance. The flanged design allows for easy installation and maintenance. Perfect for regulating fluid flow in pipelines.
  • 10K/20K are available,   SCS16A/SCS14/SCS13/WCB,ETC
  • Z41W/Z41Y

  • RST

JIS 10K Stainless Steel Flanged Gate Valve 

 A JIS 10K Stainless Steel Flanged Gate Valve is a type of valve commonly used in industrial applications, particularly in systems where there's a need to control the flow of liquids or gases. 10K indicates that the valve is designed to withstand a pressure of 10 kilograms per square centimeter, which is roughly equivalent to 10 bar or 145 psi. This pressure rating is important as it determines the maximum pressure the valve can safely handle

  A gate valve is a type of valve that uses a sliding gate or wedge mechanism to control the flow of fluid. When the valve is open, the gate is lifted out of the flow path, allowing fluid to pass through freely. When the valve is closed, the gate is lowered back into position, effectively blocking the flow.

stainless steel flange JIS10K gate valve



                  --Pressure: 10K/20K

                  --Material: SCS13/SCS14/SCS16A/WCB

                                    SS2205/SS2507, etc

                  --Rising Stem

                  --Handwheel operation or gearbox

                  --Temp.: -20-425°C

stainless steel gate valve structure



                        -Design:ASME B16.34, API600, API603

                    -Flange Dimension: ASME B16.5

                    -Face to Face: ASME B16.10

                    - Inspection&Testing: API600/API598

gate valve testing


       Testing is a must before delivery.

       Ensure the sealing function is what we should do.


--Pressure Test

          --Dimension Test

          --PMI Test

gate valve packing



    Our gate valves are carefully packaged in plywood cases to prevent any damage during transportation.


Overall, a stainless steel 150LB flanged gate valve is a reliable and robust valve option for controlling fluid flow in various industrial applications.

RST Valve Group Co., Ltd is located in Wenzhou with more than 20 years of experience in producing different kinds of industrial valves.

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